Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sketches 040710

An introduction to the crew.

Even more Spacevixen concept art, but with some more of her crew! Yes indeed, she doesn't work alone... included are a few coneptual drawings of a feline girl on the left, and a ringtail boy on the right, with another little Spacevixen pinup on the bottom there.

Ringtail boy is the rifle-man...animal of the team. He's a trained gunman and electronics expert. He's a bit timid and untrusting, but can follow orders and carry them out with skill.

Feline chick no doubt is a traditional warrior armed with modern versions of ancient weaponry. She also has vast cultural knowledge. She's intelligent and sweet, but sometimes misunderstood due to the complexities of her people.

I imagine them as a seasoned strike team, or maybe just talented recon? Or perhaps working at a remote defensive location outside of town in some wasteland? Gotta come up with something good. Still having fun with this either way.


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