Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Drawings 071911

I've been visiting the open figure drawing at Tacoma Academy of Fine Art lately, and it's been lovely to back into it. Been doing alot of sketching lately as well, which is good, because I had a rather dry spell there for a little bit, and was getting rather depressed over it.

Recently I found some old drawings of this sheep girl, so I thought I'd revisit her. Here is a little drawing done after said figure drawing this evening. It's good to work with a warmed up brain and hand! Design wise, I kept thinking about the face of this girl being dark, which somehow seemed very alluring to me. I think it gives off a bit of a feel of ethnic/exotic race. Of course, I had to give her over-the-knee socks in the form of fluffed fur too.

New preliminary character sketches -


  1. Soo cute! I feel kinda like this because I curled my hair myself for the first time today and usually it's straight. XD

  2. @Mirelmture

    Nice! I like curly hair, though I think I'm a bit biased, being curl-bound myself! Thanks!!

  3. YOu have got a lovely collection of art here! I'm quite impressed!

    Thanks for the follow.